Don’t Let Cold Feet Get the Best of You - 3 Ways to Deal with Pre-Wedding Jitters

Don’t Let Cold Feet Get the Best of You - 3 Ways to Deal with Pre-Wedding Jitters

Don’t Let Cold Feet Get the Best of You - 3 Ways to Deal with Pre-Wedding Jitters. Mobile Image

Jun 10, 2021

As your wedding day approaches, are you, quite suddenly experiencing “Cold-Feet”? Is it normal to be anxious about walking the aisle? You have nothing to fear. Yes, it’s completely normal to have wedding jitters and cold feet on your big day, and you are not alone. Psychology Today the USA conducted a study that showed that approximately 55% of all would be brides suffer from some form of pre-marital anxiety.


So what causes cold feet and why are so many people susceptible to this condition right before their big day. Let's look at the issue more closely.


What causes cold feet?


The term “cold feet” is typically a response to the underlying pre-wedding stress. This form of stress can make you feel really irritated, restless, and agitated. If the propensities are making you insane, take a deep breath. Remember you might be more sentimental than you thought you were. But that doesn’t mean that you can let your emotions rule over you. So, do your best to relax. Your nerves will eventually come back to their normal state. You could try meditating or even taking 10 deep breaths that will bring about instant relief. If that doesn’t work, read on to find out better ways.


How to deal with cold feet?

Write down the dears that surround you. Pen down all the “what ifs”. Writing things down bring out a better perspective. And the result is that you realize that those fears weren’t so big after all!


Instead of exhausting yourself with planning and preparation, take some time off with your partner and do something simple, like go for a long walk in the gardens, or eat ice cream together.


Think of all the beautiful memories you two have shared and that will surely take away most of the stress. Talk to each other about the things that you like about one another.


Let not something as simple as cold feet take over your wedding. Get past it. It’s just your mind playing with you. And if none of the above-mentioned ideas work, put your bridal dress on and look yourself in the mirror. When you realize that you look absolutely stunning, you would not be able to keep yourself from walking down the aisle! All your fears will seem way smaller. So, happy wedding!