Perfect Bridal Dress Alterations: 4 Take-Aways

Perfect Bridal Dress Alterations: 4 Take-Aways

Perfect Bridal Dress Alterations: 4 Take-Aways. Mobile Image

Jan 27, 2022

You want to look perfect on your wedding day, and the fit of your wedding dress will play an absolutely vital role. So, alterations are of utmost importance! You may spend generously to get the dress of your dreams, but if it is ill-fitted, it will not be money well spent. Pick any wedding dress, it will need some alteration here and there to make it just right for you. Setting aside enough time for your bridal dress alteration is, therefore, great advice. Here’s what you should know:

1. Buy the dress a few months in advance

Unplanned wedding dress alterations are stressful to deal with. If you want the process to be smooth, it is recommended that you buy the dress well in advance, at least six months before the D-day. This will ensure that you have an ample amount of time for tailoring and all the fittings. It is equally crucial to time your alterations right to make sure all the modifications you want are incorporated.

2. Get an honest opinion

When you show up for bridal dress alterations, let a close friend or family member come along. Having a couple of people whom you trust will be helpful as you will get honest opinions about the dress fitting. But avoid bringing in the entire bride tribe. Too many opinions may overwhelm or confuse you.

3. Carry your accessories to the alteration

Bring all the accessories you are planning to wear on your special day when you come for your dress alterations. From your lingerie to the shapewear. Do not forget the shoes! They determine your gown’s length. If you haven’t picked up the shoes for the first fitting, bring another pair of similar height you want to wear. If you have the veil, jewelry, and hair accessories with you, it will be easier to alter the dress perfectly. You will also get a better picture of the final look. 

4. Invest in the right size dress

Usually, bridal dresses run small. So, if you are a 10 or 12, the bridal gown may be a 14. Losing a few pounds before the wedding may be an agenda but do not get fixated on a particular size. Instead, find the size that fits the present you nicely. Some brides invest in a smaller-sized gown 8-10 months before the ceremony thinking they will shed some weight, but in case that does not happen, they are left with an ill-fitting dress. Avoid making this mistake.

Final words

A perfect wedding day is made up of many ingredients, and a nicely-fitted wedding gown is one of them. Most brides-to-be start looking for the dress of their dreams the next day after saying yes to the marriage proposal. But the process is a tad long. It does not end with the purchase. Bridal dress alterations go a long way in ensuring yours look picture perfect.

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