The Best Month for Weddings in San Diego, CA

The Best Month for Weddings in San Diego, CA

San Diego is the perfect city for a California wedding, so you have every reason to celebrate wedding planning! In addition to having beautiful weather here in San Diego, its weddings are also known for their beauty and special atmosphere. Aside from historic sites, gardens, and nearby beaches on the Pacific Ocean, San Diego offers a variety of wedding venues and wedding vendors to make your dream wedding a reality. However, when’s the best time of year to get married here? It takes a bit of intuition, luck, and research to pick the perfect wedding date. Let’s explore what the best time of year is to get married in San Diego! 



It's good to know ahead of time what dates and months are popular, especially in San Diego. By doing this, you'll be able to plan months in advance so you can still choose from a wide variety of vendors and wedding venues on that day or during that time.


Since 2016, October has been the busiest month for weddings nationwide! The semi-cool weather in the fall makes it possible for people to host their wedding ceremonies outdoors. Couples are most likely to get married during the autumn season, with September being the second most popular month.


If you're reserving vendors within 12 months, you can expect limited availability, and sometimes even higher prices, since fall is the busiest season for weddings. During the winter time, weddings are slowest, resulting in better pricing from wedding vendors.


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