The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping

The Curvy Girl’s Guide to Plus-Size Wedding Dress Shopping. Mobile Image

Jul 24, 2021

Finding the dream wedding dress is always a Herculean task for most brides- more specifically for plus-size brides who have to deal with the salon “not having their size”. You must all be familiar with the horror stories of judgmental salespeople and the lack of variety in plus-size options. However, today, with the body positivity movement kicking up a storm in fashion, bridal dresses have seen the inclusion of sizes that run above the conventional 10s and 12s. So, you can be sure that you will be able to find that dress of your dreams- the one that will make you feel the best, most beautiful version of yourself.
To help you further, here are some tips and tricks for navigating the process of plus-size bridal gown shopping easily and happily:


1- Call ahead

Pick up your phone and call different bridal stores. The average size of women falls somewhere around 8 to 10, which is why most bridal salons stock sample dresses in those sizes, which is quite normal. What you should know is whether they will be able to source samples in your size for you to try on. Look for is a store that is eager and excited to work with you and not condescending in any way.


2- Prepare

To go wedding dress shopping, you need to prepare. Yes, that’s right. Wear the right underwear and preferably wear a strapless bra so that you can try on different styles without your bra strap peeking out. Bring your wedding shoes, if you already have them. If not, bring a pair that is of the height that you plan to wear.


3- Don’t focus on the size

Bridal lines often use “high fashion sizing”, which means that the size on your dress might be higher than what you would wear in your daily life. Don’t fret upon that. Ignore the number on the tag, and instead, focus on how it fits and makes you feel. If you are able to find a gown that brings out your inner Beyoncé, then size is damned.


4- Be open to new ideas

You may have some idea in your mind about what style or shape of dress you want, but keep your mind open. Get out of your comfort zone. Try on different styles and choose one that makes you feel good. Listen to the stylist of the sales assistant. If she says a mermaid gown is a right choice for you, give it a go. What’s the worst that could happen? You won’t like it. And the best? You find The One.


5- Don’t stay bound by conventions

Even though bridal guides might say that fit-and-flare dresses or A-line dresses are flattering on curvy or plus-size women, that is not a commandment that you need to follow. Do not get coaxed into buying a dress that is supposed to make you look slimmer or taller or more structured. Just because someone says so does not mean that you should cave in. Buy what you like and what makes you feel good. Do you!

In addition to these, you also need to get a good seamstress, someone who can work their magic on your dress and tailor it to fit your frame perfectly.

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